CALISTO (thermal analysis software)

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Thermal Analysis Software

CALISTO comprises two independant parts:
CALISTO ACQUISITION for the control of SETARAM Thermal Analysis Systems
CALISTO PROCESSING for the treatment of ANY Thermal Analysis Data independent of instrument type and manufacturer.

CALISTO ACQUISITION software is dedicated for the control of SETARAM Thermal Analysis Systems:
– Program acquisition procedures (all experimental conditions and parameters)
– Control one or more Setaram systems via a PC
– Save experiment signals and monitor their progress in real time
– Change experimental conditions during an experiment
– Trigger acquisition of other equipment (mass spectrometers, FTIR,…)
CALISTO ACQUISITION software is available for the exciting NEW range of EVO products and is also compatible with existing SETARAM products.
CALISTO ACQUISITION provides a unique combination of ease-of-use and intuitive operation as well as powerful control of your Setaram systems.

CALISTO PROCESSING software is designed for the treatment of any Thermal Analysis Data independent of instrument type and manufacturer.
– Imports files saved in CALISTO Acquisition
– Imports signal files from other equipment (mass spectrometers, FTIR, …)
– Treats recorded signals
CALISTO PROCESSING offers the most powerfull tools available for Baseline Selection / Substraction, Peak deconvolution / Separation, Data Presentation, Data Export , Cp (Heat Capacity) determination.

Minimum Configuration For Calisto Acquisition and Calisto Processing:
Microsoft Windows XP or higher
Intel Pentium 2 CPU 1.00 Ghz
128 Mb of RAM
Recommended configuration for Calisto Processing :
Microsoft Windows XP or higher
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 Ghz
1.00 Gb of RAM
Mathematical features include:
– Heat capacity determination
– Peak separation
– Inverse filtering
– Glass transition
– Regression analysis – data fitting
– Customize equation
– Advanced baseline construction
– Solid fat index function
– Reaction progress from DSC
– Baseline subtraction
– Normalized subtraction
– Integral
– TMA (alpha point, true alpha, average alpha point)
– Temperature correction
– Mass variation
– Tare
– Derivative (with various filter types)
– Smoothing (Gaussian and Savitzky & Golay)
– Cut curve into sections or segments
– Slope correction
– Natural logarithm
– Drag point
– Data spike removal, etc

Powerful Baseline Calculations: CALISTO offers the latest technology in baseline calculation to allow for the correct integration of signals and therefore precise evaluation of the thermal event.
Data Presentation: CALISTO offers the very latest in graphical data presentation including shading, logo insertion and of course multiple plot displays.
Peak Deconvolution / Separation: CALISTO allows for the separation of overlapping peaks and shoulders for optimal calculations and data presentations.
Direct Export of Curves in Word: charts are automatically resized for optimum resolution, export and print reproduction.
Hassle Free Cp Calculations: a powerful Cp determination that completes the calculation in only a few clicks.
Data Integrity: CALISTO offers all the data security of CFR 21.11 with multiple levels and user accessibility.


Calisto – Peak Separation

 Calisto – Cp and Regression

Calisto Processing – General Use

Calisto – Loading Data into Calisto




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