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TGA-EGA and Simultaneous STA-EGA, from ambient to 1150°C or 1600°C


Simplicity of use: thanks to both an ergonomic design and the dedicated market leading Calisto software, LABSYS evo is user friendly and intuitive to operate – LABSYS evo offers a “Plug & play” gas analyzer coupling device,enabling simultaneous MS, FTIR or GC/MS connections.

Wide temperature range: TGA with simultaneous DTA or DSC measurement can be achieved for temperature up to 1 600 °C

New top loading balance: the unmatched stability, reproducibility and accuracy of this new balance offer unparalleled TGA data

Controlled vacuum option
This option allows for operation under controlled vacuum. One can manually set a controlled pressure down to 30 mbar. Evolved gas analysis by MS coupling is possible at the same time.

Quartz crucibles
DSC or DTA crucibles made of quartz are available.  The crucible’s volume is 100 µl, diameter 5 mm and height 8 mm.

Large volume crucible
A large volume 1000 µl (1 ml) alumina crucible, diameter 8mm and height 27 mm, is available for TGA experiments.

Temperature Range Room temperature to 1 150 °C
Room temperature to 1 600 °C
Isothermal temperature accuracy +/- 1 °C
Programmable temperature scanning rate (heating and cooling 0.01 to 100 °C.min-1
Furnace cooling 30 min (1 150 °C to 50 °C)
32 min (1 600 °C to 50 °C)
Maximum balance capacity 20 g
Weight range +/- 1 000 mg; +/- 200 mg
Weighing precision +/- 0.01 %
TG resolution 0.2 μg; 0.02 μg
Auto Sampler 30 samples and 6 references 4-prong gripper
DSC rod – Resolution 0.4 μW / 10 μW dependent on sensor
3D Cp rod – Cp Accuracy < 2 %, value depends on tested material type
Vacuum < 10-1 mbar
Evolved Gas Analysis MS, FTIR, GC/MS coupling
Gas Flow Control Two inlets for gas scanning (inert or reactive)
Option: 3 carrier gases (MFC from 4 to 200 ml/min) and 1 auxiliary or reactive gas (MFC from 0.3 to 16 ml/min)*
Weight 55 kg / 121 lbs
Dimensions (Height / Width / Depth) 56 closed, 76 opened / 53 / 58 cm (22.0 closed 29.9 opened / 20.8 / 22.8 in)
Power requirements 230 V – 50/60 Hz

LABSYS evo offers a “Plug & play” gas analyzer coupling device,enabling simultaneous MS and FTIR connections. The coupling device is heated up to 300 °C to avoid any gas condensation and is complete ly insulated for a safe handling.

LABSYS evo can be equipped with the state-of-the-art heated “Autoinjector” interface for TG-GC/MS experiments.

A NEW auto sampler system is available for Labsys evo TGA, STA providing 30 samples and 6 references possibilities.


Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) has proved particularly interesting for the investigation of the chemistry of a reaction or thermal decomposition owing to the identification of the evolved species. LABSYS evo offers a plug & play gas analyzer coupling device, enabling simultaneous MS and FTIR connections. The coupling device is heated up to 300 °C to avoid any gas condensation and is completely insulated for safe handling. LABSYS evo can also be equipped with the state-of-the-art heated Autoinjector interface (up to 350 °C) for TG-GC/MS experiments.
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Typical application area Materials
Pyrolysis, combustion Coal, biomass and wastes
Regeneration Catalysts, sorbents
Dehydration, dehydroxylation, decarbonatation, calcination Cements, minerals, ceramics, pharmaceuticals
Thermal stability, compositional analysis Pharmaceuticals, polymers, cements, minerals, ceramics
Residual solvents Pharmaceuticals
Polycondensation, curing Polymers




Application notes

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