MS80 (calorimetry)

The highlights

Very High Sensitivity Isothermal Calorimeter (ambient to 200°C)

The MS80 calorimeter has the greatest sensitivity in the Calvet 3D calorimeter range.
It is It is mostly used in isotherm mode, between ambient temperature and + 200°C, and is intended for measurements of very low thermal effects: self-discharge of batteries, self-decomposition of powders, heat generation of plants and small animals, as well as studies of mixtures and gaseous adsorption (catalysis).
The MS80 is available with different experimental cells (“batch” cell, vacuum, fluid circulation, mixing).
The MS80 is available in 2 and 4 cells versions (volume 12.5 cm3 or 100 cm3).


The added value of 3D sensors


Temperature range Ambient to 200°C
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.1°C
Temperature precision +/- 0.05°C
Enthalpy accuracy 1%
RMS Noise 0.1 μW
Sensitivity (Joule effect at 30°C) 30 μV/mW
Resolution 0.08 μW
Cells volume 12.5 / 100 (ml)

Application notes

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3D Calvet Calorimetry : MS80 par SETARAM