With SETARAM Instrumentation calorimetry products, you can conduct your calorimetry measurements using the most effective sensors, based on the unique and unmatched Calvet principle. Whether they are based on thermocouples or Peltier elements, these sample surrounding sensors lead to heat, enthalpy variation, or heat capacity measurements that are accurate, precise, and thus reliable.

These analyzers are designed to be multi-purpose and upgradeable, meaning that they fit with the multiple needs required by users that handle varying research projects. C80 for instance, which is the core product of the Calvet calorimeters range, is a calorimetric platform with interchangeable cells for mixing, stirring, gas or liquid dosing, and / or simultaneous pressure measurements. Its twin brother BT2.15 is a low temperature calorimeter operating from -196 to 200 °C with similar functionalities.

The µDSC7 evo and µSC microcalorimeters are even more sensitive and allow for the most demanding calorimetry experiments, such as the ones required by the characterization of proteins, food materials, or by the field of flow assurance (gas hydrates, wax crystallization).

Finally, high temperature calorimetry benefits from dedicated sensors for measurements up to 1600 °C. They are either used under temperature scanning conditions for the determination of latent heats of transitions (melting, crystallization), or heat capacity (Cp), or used under isothermal conditions for drop calorimetry experiments. The latter leads to key data (calorific capacity, enthalpies of formation) for the study of materials behavior at high temperature.

Setaram Instrumentation, expert in calorimetry and thermogravimetry

Calorimetry : BT 2.15

BT 2.15 (calorimetry)

Low Temperature Calorimeter (from -196°C to 200°C) The BT2.15 calorimeter permits studying all freezing and crystallisation phenomena at very low temperatures for different products (oils, polymers, hydrates, materials for construction and superconductors) The added value of 3D sensors NEW PARTS AND OPTIONS Cryothermostats for BT2.15 When extremely low temperature calorimetry measurements are not necessary, BT2.15 […]

Calorimetry : microSC-4c

microSC-4c (microcalorimetry)

Microcalorimetry (- 20°C to 170°C) Highlights include: Wide temperature range covering -20 to 170°C 2 measuring wells, featuring zero cross talk, and easily removable and reusable cells High precision isothermal and scanning options are available to enable the study of both transitions and long term isothermal behaviour, such as stability and long term reactions. 2-cell […]

Calorimetry : LABSYS evo DTA/DSC

LABSYS evo DTA/DSC (thermal analysis)

DTA, DSC from ambient to 1150°C or 1600°C LABSYS evo is a user friendly, robust and highly powerful thermal analysis platform. HIGHLIGHTS include: • A comprehensive line of thermal analyzers with two temperature ranges chosen and optimized for distinct families of application: – RT – 1 150 °C, a cost effective solution mostly (but not […]

Calorimetry : C80

C80 (calorimetry)

Reaction, isothermal and scanning calorimeter (ambient to 300°C) Incomparable precision of measurement: the 3D Calvet sensor totally surrounds the sample, and all heat evolved is measured. Now matter how small or large the thermal transformation the system provides a complete picture of the event. Absolute calibration: with a three-dimensional transducer the sensitivity of the C80 […]

Calorimetry : AlexSys

AlexSys (high temperature calorimetry)

High Temperature 3D Calvet Calorimeter (up to 800 / 1000°C) Sensitivity, stability, flexibility and precision: The AlexSys calorimeter features a 3D Calvet sensor, providing high sensitivity and exceptional precision. The calorimeter block and furnace design ensures a high signal-to-noise ratio,temperature and signal stability, and low detection limit permitting low energy and slow reactions to be […]

Calorimetry : MS80

MS80 (calorimetry)

Very High Sensitivity Isothermal Calorimeter (ambient to 200°C) The MS80 calorimeter has the greatest sensitivity in the Calvet 3D calorimeter range. It is It is mostly used in isotherm mode, between ambient temperature and + 200°C, and is intended for measurements of very low thermal effects: self-discharge of batteries, self-decomposition of powders, heat generation of […]

Calorimetry : C600

C600 (calorimetry)

Isothermal and temperature scanning calorimeter (ambient to 600°C) The C600 high temperature Calvet calorimeter is based on the 3D Calvet sensor technology. An array of thermocouples totally surrounds the sample, and all the heat evolved is measured. No matter how small or large the thermal transformation, the system provides a complete picture of the event. […]

Calorimetry : MHTC 96

MHTC 96 (high temperature calorimetry)

Large-volume, High-Temperature DSC and (drop) calorimeter (ambient to 1600°C) The requirements of different experiments are sometimes contradictory, e.g. low sample mass is needed for good transition detection, high sample mass for accurate determination of heat capacity; analysis may need constant or variable temperature; use of the crucible may be open or closed. Two types of […]

Calorimetry : HP Micro DSC

HP Micro DSC (high pressure microcalorimetry)

Mastering High Pressure DSC & Microcalorimetry up to 1000 bars – 14,500 psi Originally designed under a IFP (Institut Français du Petrole) license to study the gas hydrates formation and dissociation, the high pressure version of the μDSC7 evo offers unique capabilities on the market: on a wide temperature range, from the subambient temperature of […]

Calorimetry : microDSC7 evo

microDSC7 evo (microcalorimetry)

High-sensitivity DSC and microcalorimetry (-45 to 120°C)   The HIGHLIGHTS • Wide operating temperature range (from -45 °C to 120 °C): cooling of the calorimeter does not require an external source. • Use in isothermal or temperature programming (DSC) mode. • Possibility to study samples in all forms: liquids, gel, powder, solid. • Variety of […]

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