About KEP Technologies

logokepréduitThe KEP group specialises in cutting-edge industrial technologies. It offers a range of products, skills and innovative solutions for the biggest groups in the aeronautics and space industry, nuclear power, renewable energy, chemistry, the food, luxury goods and health industries, as well as the biggest scientific research laboratories.

Managed for fifteen years by the same family, majority shareholder KEP Technologies now has a turnover of € 45 million and employs 450 people in France and all over the world.

Our organization

The KEP Technologies group is structured into two branches:

  •  the “Integrated Systems” branch

This consiste of several design, production units (metalwork and high- precision mechanics, integrated and embedded electronics) which market their products under the KEP Technologies “Integrated Systems” brand.

  • the “Products” branch

This includes a certain number of design and product manufacturing units, in particular in the area of analytical and testing instrumentation under the SETARAM Instrumentation brand, and metrology under the SETARAM Metrology label.
These two branches are supported by a large R&D and Engineering hub in Caluire, and are run by a centralised management team, based in Sophia Antipolis, which provides all cross-departmental services: finance, human resources and quality management.


Our skills

From the day it was created, KEP Technologies chose to gradually acquire a range of complementary skills which would allow it to effectively occupy high added value technological niches.

Three main directions were defined:

  • in the manufacturing field, KEP Technologies developed specific skills in electronics, sheet metal work, thermo-physical measurements, and industrial control and test solutions.In these sectors the group has special know-how and a workforce trained in the most advanced technology.
  • in terms of integration, KEP Technologies increasingly participates in the design and build of complex units using its know-how, especially for automated measurement and control lines for industrial activities.
  • in terms of R&D and engineering, the group has extensive expertise in the field of project management, of which it can cover all the phases thanks to its capacity for investment and its mastery of techniques.

To these skills can be added its mastery of the supply chain, including procurement management and real time industrial operation monitoring, making it possible for KEP Technologies to achieve better than 95% OTD (On Time Delivery).




More information

Visit www.kep-technologies.com to learn more about KEP Technologies.