The history of Setaram

The history of modern calorimetry began at the University of Provence in Marseille (France).

amphi Tian

Professor Albert TIAN giving a chemistry lecture to P.C.N. (Physics, Chemistry and Natural Science) students

Chemistry lectures at that time were illustrated by numerous experiments. Albert TIAN made a principle of showing the students all the substances he talked about.

The chemistry collections – which were broken up at the end of the 1960’s – comprised several thousand samples.

After obtaining the diploma of Doctor of Sciences in 1915, TIAN was appointed chemistry lecturer in 1919. In 1931 he was appointed to the Chair of General Chemistry, succeeding from BERG. The work performed by Albert Tian in the early 1920’s served as the foundation for the majority of modern calorimetric instruments.

Tian described his compensation microcalorimeter for the first time in 1922, when he and his colleague COTTE used it to study the metabolism of insects. He brought further improvements to this thermocouple instrument in 1924 and 1926. Tian’s successor,

Edouard CALVET (1895–1966) introduced the differential setup (1948) and a rational construction of the two twinned calorimetric elements, transforming Tian’s appliance into a true laboratory instrument that today is commercialized by Setaram.

Albert TIAN Edouard Calvet
Professor Albert Tian Professor Edouard Calvet


  • Creation of ARAM (measuring instrument repair department of Ugine, the steelmaking group).


  • Manufacture of glove boxes for Nuclear Research Centers
  • DAM: Diffusion des Appareils de Mesure (Distribution of Measuring Appliances)
  • Commercializes thermobalances (Eyraud balances) and Pr. Calvet’s calorimeters


  • ARAM moves into premises in the rue de Sèze in Lyon.


  • ARAM takes over DAM and the company changes its name to Setaram
  • Creation of special instruments, manufacture of thermobalances and calorimeters.
  • Innovations for Thermal Analysis:
    – First 1600°C furnaces with TUNGSTEN resistor.
    – Start of production of furnaces with GRAPHITE resistor.
    – Complete range in simultaneous ATG/ATD.
    – “TAG” future symmetrical thermobalance


  • The first Calvet DSC.
1er DSC


  • SETARAM was bought by SFIM (2,000 employees), an aeronautical company that wished to diversify its activities.


  • Setaram exports to China, Japan, Russia.
Img_history_chine Img_history_russie


  • SFIM sold its non-aeronautical activities, and Setaram joined the young high-tech manufacturing group KEP.
logo KEP-technologies04


  • Creation of the American subsidiary Setaram Inc.


  • Several new products are put onto the market.
SETSYS Evolfermeebis DRC-evolution Wetsys
Setsys Evolution
(high modularity TG-DSC-SDTA-TMA)
Differential Reaction calorimeter Wetsys
(Controlled humidity generator)


  • SETARAM markets the TSC (Thermally stimulated current).
  • The High-Pressure MicroDSC VII (up to 1000 bars) is put on the market.


  • ISO 9001-2000 certification.
  • A new logo is introduced and SETARAM adopts a market segment-based organization.



  • Signing of an exclusive partnership with the Swiss company AKTS (Advanced Kinetics Software).
AKTS Advanced Thermal Analysis Software - DSC DTA TG TG-MS TG-FTIR EGA TMA - Moz_2015-05-22_17-14-17
  • Delivery of the space calorimeter for the International Space Station.
calo espace


  • Exclusive distribution partnership with MATHIS Instrument: TCi (thermal conductivity), becoming C-THERM company.
logoMathis200x200 logo-c-therm


  • Opening of the Representation office of SETARAM China in Shanghai.



  • Acquisition of HY-ENERGY LLC (Newark, CA), a manufacturer of high performance gas sorption scientific instruments for the ever-expanding field of clean renewable energy research.
  • Introduction of the EVO line, a complete new line of thermal analysis systems and of CALISTO, the new thermal analysis software.
p1030093admin logo_calisto-admin
  • Partnership with HEL, the leader in adiabatic calorimetry.


  • Placing on the market of the Alexys falling calorimeter.
  • First Accreditation Research Tax Credit


  • Placing on the market of the multi-cell microcalorimeter μSC
  • Creation of the legal entity KEP Technologies High Tech Products (KTHTP), SETARAM Instrumentation becomes the brand of KTHTP’s range of calorimeters, thermal analyzers and gas sorption platforms. KTHTP also manages the SOLEX Metrology brand, which offers industrial measurement and control solutions: dimensional (pneumatic) metrology with or without contact and powerful solutions for the automation of control and measurement operations.


  • Inauguration of the new premises of Caluire – and in particular of the new laboratory of application – following their modernization and redevelopment.



  • Creation of KEP Nuclear, which specializes in nuclear measurement, and transfers the activity of large volume calorimeters from SETARAM Instrumentation.
  • Obtaining the CEFRI certificate.