AN611 – Adsorption and desorption of CO2 on a catalyst


CO2 limitation has become nowadays a major concern. One way to limit CO2 concentration in atmosphere is to adsorb it on specific material. SENSYS evo TG-DSC with its sensitivity which is not depending on the nature of the gas is a particularly powerful tool as it makes possible to study adsorption and desorption of a gas on a catalyst.



Sample : catalyst
Mass : 40 mg
Temperature : 40°C
Atmosphere : pure helium during 5 min then 10% CO2 in helium during 2 hours, then pure helium again during one hour.

Notice : before experiment, the catalyst was previously heated up to 220°C during 2 hours under pure helium.


When the mixture 10% CO2 + Helium is introduced, an adsorption is observed : it corresponds to a mass increase of 298 µg and an exotherm of 233 mJ. When the gas is pure helium again, a desorption is observed: it corresponds to a mass loss of 236 µg and an endotherm of 218.1 mJ.