AN134 – Decomposition of calcium oxalate


Instrument : Labsys™ evo TGA-DSC with a DSC 1600°C rod.
Sample : CaC2O4, H2O : calcium oxalate hydrate.
Sample mass : 10.13 mg
Crucible : alumina
Atmosphere : helium

The temperature is programmed from ambiant up to 1 000°C at 10 K.min-1.



The curves TG (%), DTG (%/min) and DSC are drawn versus the temperature.
Three mass losses are observed:

–   CaC2O4, H2O   CaC2O4 + H2O
–   CaC2O4             CaCO3   + CO
–   CaCO3               CaO       + CO2

Notice : The TG curve is presented after correction from a blank test carried out with empty crucible.