AN056 – Denaturation and unfolding of Ribonuclease A with MicroDSC3


Ribonuclease (commonly abbreviated RNase) is a type of nuclease that catalyzes the degradation of RNA into smaller components. Bovine pancreatic RNase A is one of the classic model systems of protein science.



The analyzed sample is a 5.10-4 molar aqueous solution of Ribonuclease A. About 750μL of sample were introduced in a μDSC3 Evo batch cell. For compensation, a buffer solution was introduced in a reference cell. Both were heated between 25°C and 90°C at 1 K.min-1, cooled back down to 25°C at the same rate and then cycled again.



An endothermic peak linked with the denaturation of the enzyme is recorded during both heating phases, at a similar temperature. The peak obtained during the second heating is relevant of the partial reversibility of RNAse A unfolding process.