96 Line TGA - DTA / DSC

The highlights

Large volume & high temperature simultaneous TGA & DSC / DTA (ambient to 2000°C)

This is an extremely high performance weighing module used with the TGA 96. This balance can weigh samples up to 100 g and is well suited to measuring both micro-quantities of samples (a few milligrams) as well as large, dense samples while maintaining measurement resolution to within a microgram whatever the mass analyzed.
Simultaneous TGA-DTA/DSC measurements are available.
Simultaneous TGA-DTA:
– Ambient to 1600°C,
– Ambient to 1750°C,
– Ambient to 2000°.
Simultaneous TGA-DSC:
– Ambient to 1500°C,
– Ambient to 1600°C.

Pierced alumina crucibles
Alumina based crucibles pierced with numerous orifices to improve sample / gas interactions are available. 18mL and 4.5mL versions are available.

FTIR coupling
A heated MS or FTIR 200°C coupling was designed for the TG96 line.

96 LineDTA 96DSC 96ATG
Temperature range of measurement module (C°)amb/1600, amb/1750, amb/2000amb/1500, amb/1600amb/1600, amb/1750, amb//2000
Volume of crucible (μl)220/550360/42018000
Max. sample size(mm)n/an/an/a
Resolutionn/a5μW0.3 μg
RMS noisen/a66 μW0,3 μg
Specific RMS noise n/a0,16 μW/μl0,016μg/ml
Measurement rangen/an/a+/-2000 mg

In addition to the TGA 96, SETARAM proposes different accessories and software that permit, in particular:
– TGA measurements in corrosive atmospheres.
– Controlled rate TGA measurement (CRTA: controlled rate thermal analysis).



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