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Controlled Humidity Generator

The WETSYS is a stand alone, simple and robust system designed to generate atmospheres with a controlled humidity level.


  • Accurately controlled atmospheres with humidity levels up to 95% RH
  • Operations with gases such as air, He, Ar, N2, CO2
  • A heated transfer line with a standard connection for coupling to SETARAM thermal analyzers and calorimeters, to third party instruments, or to climate chambers
  • Analog outputs for RH and temperature data acquisition
  • An optional external relative humidity probe for in-situ RH regulation


Pre-calibrated for various gasesAir, He, N2, CO2, Ar
Flow rate3 to 50ml/min
10 to 200ml/min (optional)
Heated transfer lineAmbient to 100°C
Gas humidity RTa to 50°C0% RHb; 5-95% RH
Gas humidity 50°C to 70°C0% RHb; 5-90% RH
Humidity profiles generationConstant RH, steps, ramps
Autonomy> 1000 hoursc
Accuracy+/- 0.8% RH
+/- 0.1°C
Stability+/- 0,3% RH
External RH probeOptional
InterfaceEurotherm 2704
Storage capacityUp to 20 profiles
Dimension42 / 35 / 53 cm (16.5 / 13.8 / 20.9 in)
Weight22 kg (48.5 Ibs)

a. Room Temperature / b.Operation with dry gas: saturator isolation via automatic valve switching / c. at 70 °C, 90% RH and 20ml/min.


Humidity is known to considerably affect the properties of many products such as energetic materials, polymers, pharmaceutical materials, foodstuff, plasters, cements, thermal energy storage materials, metals and alloys, etc.

To evaluate the influence of humidity on the properties or long term stability of these products, it is necessary to study their specific behavior under relative humidity controlled atmospheres.

A huge database is in the Application Library area of our website. We have also included a powerful search engine that will enable you to find the most applicable data.


Application notes

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